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About TCFF

The Third Culture Film Festival, originally established in Hong Kong in 2016, is now making its exciting debut in Tauranga. As we gear up for our third annual event in 2024, we're thrilled to bring a vibrant celebration of independent cinema to the heart of New Zealand.


Our mission is simple yet profound: to champion independent filmmaking in Tauranga and across New Zealand by showcasing the finest selections from around the globe. With a focus on bridging cultures and fostering creative exchange, we're dedicated to providing a platform for both local and international filmmakers to share their stories with audiences far and wide.


Join us as we embark on this cinematic journey, where innovation meets inspiration, and where the diverse voices of independent cinema find their stage. Welcome to the Third Culture Film Festival - where storytelling knows no boundaries.

Our Awards

Best Narrative 
Best Animation 
Best Experimental 
Best Documentary 
People's Choice award 
Spirit of New Zealand Award 
Social Impact Award 
Best Actor 
Best Actress 
Best Animated Character 
Best Director of Photography 
Best Director 
Best Editor 
Best Sound Design 
Best Music 
Best Action Sequence 
Best Production Design 
Best Costume Design 
Best Film Made For Games 
Best Music Video 
Under 18 Award 
Outliers Award 
The Teo Award

Unique Awards

People's Choice award 

This will be decided by the audience that attend the festival. Attendees of the festival will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite film.

Spirit of New Zealand Award

Given to the film that best celebrates New Zealand in its own way whether it be location, style, humour, etc.

The Teo Award 

This award is given by the festivals founder, to the film they wish to honour. It is to be decided after the other awards have been declared, this award will go to the film they feel deserves special recognition especially if it came close in several categories but yet did not win.

Best Animated Character 

Not many film festivals have this category. We wish to honour the creativity of animators - they are not just technicians, but are also often the writers and directors of their movie. We are keen to celebrate originality and creativity.

Best Action Sequence 

Even at the Oscars, stunt men and their choreographers are still not recognised. Especially in a city like Hong Kong, the home of Bruce Lee. With a strong background of action stars that perform their own stunts from Jackie Chan to Donnie Yen. We wish to celebrate these artists with this award. This award is not limited to fight sequences, but will include nominations from dance sequences and sports.

Social Impact Award 

Given to the film that best makes a comment on society or a social issue.

Outliers Award - To be awarded to a unique film that deserves recognition for its originality, its shock factor, or its ability to make a lasting impression. A film that pushes boundaries and has qualities that are hard to quantify.

Best Experimental

Given to the best film that is purely visual, devoid of any narrative and often not figurative.

Our Founders

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